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Craft Corner : Eco-Friendly Bird Feeder

Birds play a vital role as pollinators in our ecosystems, contributing to the reproduction and diversity of plant species. With their unique adaptations, such as long beaks and tongues, they are perfectly suited for accessing nectar deep within flowers. As birds feed on nectar, they inadvertently pick up pollen on their feathers and beaks, which they then carry and deposit on other flowers as they move from one feeding location to another. This process, known as avian pollination, ensures the transfer of genetic material and promotes cross-pollination among plants.

By facilitating this crucial reproductive process, birds contribute to the growth of new plants, the maintenance of plant populations, and the preservation of biodiversity. Their role as pollinators is especially significant for plants that rely solely on them, forging delicate partnerships that shape our ecosystems and provide us with the beautiful flora we enjoy.

You can support & view birds in your area by making an eco-friendly homemade bird feeder. This is a fun and easy project that you can do with materials you likely already have at home.

Here are the step-by-step instructions!


  • Empty milk or juice carton

  • Scissors

  • Twine or string

  • Birdseed

  • Non-toxic paint, Crayons or other eco friendly materials such as leaves, pinecones, seashells (optional for decoration!)


  1. Begin by cleaning and drying out your empty carton. You can also use a recycled plastic milk jug by cutting off the top of the carton, leaving the handle intact.

  2. If using a plastic jug, cut two small holes on opposite sides of the carton near the top, just below the handle. These holes will be used to thread the twine or string through later.

  3. Cut open an entry on each side of the container large enough for a couple of birds to perch for a snack.

  4. This is a good time to add any decorations!

  5. Place the birdseed in a large pile in the bottom of the container.

  6. Cut a length of twine or string long enough to hang the bird feeder from a tree branch or other suitable location. Thread the twine or string through the holes in the top of the carton and tie securely.

  7. Hang your bird feeder outside in a location where birds can easily access it. You may need to adjust the height or location of the feeder to attract different types of birds.

  8. Refill the feeder as needed with more birdseed.

Congratulations, you have now made an eco-friendly homemade bird feeder! Enjoy watching the birds that come to visit and take pride in the fact that you have created a sustainable and environmentally friendly habitat for them.

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