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DIY : Halloween Haunted House & FREE Fall Themed Coloring Sheets

Presented in partnership with Crayola

Frighteningly fun, this Haunted House craft creates a DIY Halloween decoration that towers above the rest!


  • Pencil

  • Crayola Washable Paint

  • Crayola Construction Paper

  • Crayola Metallic Markers

  • Upcycled Cardboard

  • Battery-Operated Tea Lights

  • Crayola Scissors

  • Crayola Paint Brush

  • Crayola No-Run School Glue

  • Crayola Model Magic

  • Clear Tape


Step 1 : Sketch haunted house yard on upcycled cardboard. Cut out.

Step 2 : Cover cardboard in green paint. Dry 1–2 hours. Add second coat. Dry 1–2 hours.

Step 3 : Roll construction paper sheet into cylinder to create tower. Tape to secure.

Step 4 : Draw details on tower with metallic markers.

Step 5 : Add glue to bottom of tower and press down on yard.

Step 6: Sketch and cut construction paper circle. Cut slit to middle of circle. Wrap into cone shape to create roof. Tape to secure.

Step 7 : Draw details on roof with metallic markers.

Step 8 : Add glue to top of tower and place roof on top.

Step 9 : Repeat steps 6–9 for more towers.

Step 10 : Mold Model Magic into decorations such as pumpkins, spiders, and a witch’s hat. Glue to yard. Let all glue and Model Magic steps dry overnight. Optional - Place battery-operated tea lights into towers with windows for a spooky glow.

Looking for more activities click here for FREE coloring sheets and activities. HAPPY FALL!

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