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July 2021 -free online classes and resources

Please see below for online classes, resources, and activities you can do at home. If you’d like to see other ideas added to our AGPM resource emails, please send an email to with your name, the community you live in and what else you’d like to have included.

Some of these are limited to specific times and others you can view whenever you’d like. You can also check for more resources and reminders from these emails on the blog page.

Children and Families

Find free summer meals for children everywhere in the United States through the USDA Meals for Kids Program. Simply visit this site and it will show you locations in the area where you can find meals for children. There is also information here for anybody seeking food assistance.

Michaels stores has online craft classes throughout the week for the rest of the summer for children. With projects like windchimes, yarn weaving creations, self portraits, and more, be sure to check the calendar to get your children involved in the Kids Club Online.

Employment Assistance

Goodwill is offering several live employment webinars throughout July and future months. This month includes: Creating a Resume, Job Networking, Interviewing Success, Sealing and Expungement, Job Searching, and Career Exploration. Sessions are on Wednesdays and Fridays on Zoom, so be sure to check the calendar and register in advance.

Health and Wellness

Mark your calendars for July 19 at 2pm EST for a webinar on The Mental Benefits of a Self-Care Regimen. This session will provide helpful tips to improve your mental health with daily routines while answering your questions on how to include these tips.

Basic First Aid is something that we all can benefit from knowing in case we are in a situation where we want to help others or ourselves. This free online course is for anybody who is interested in learning more to be prepared for emergencies. It can provide you with a foundation of basic first aid skills but is by no means a substitute for official First Aid Training.

Personal Finance

While we have seen most businesses going back to normal this year, there is always the concern of losing a job. In this webinar, there are several tips on surviving a layoff, navigating unemployment, and minimizing debt.

Learn how to budget. Learn about steps you can take to create and stick to a budget for your household in 7 short videos. It is free and can give you some insight into how to apply to your life and make sure you’re not overspending each month.

Senior Resources

How to Get Over the Fear of Falling – This page by United Healthcare has 5 suggestions and practices to gain confidence and reduce the stress anxiety of falling.

Senior Link is a way for seniors to receive messages and phone calls from volunteers to help feel more connected and less lonely. Sign up on the website to get started with this program.

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