Senior Services

The Tree House Foundation serves a variety of housing communities, including several who cater specifically to senior populations.

These communities often have unique needs to provide services helping the residents stay active and thrive in their homes. 

Depending on the needs of each community, we can help with group events such as games and gatherings. Many service providers will also host events for the residents and provide health information specialized to the needs of the aging population.  This includes Medicare, budgeting on fixed incomes, computer and phone assistance, mobility and balance, hearing, vision, and much more. We can help organize these programs with the property managers to instill a sense of community for the residents.

We encourage all residents to look at the resources tab above for resources in their area.  While the residents may benefit from many that are listed, note that the resources that are "senior specific" are colored in orange to be easier to access. is also a wonderful site to find resources for your specific region. 

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