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We strive to cultivate a united community that values connection and engagement. We want our hosting communicates to feel not just like neighbors, but like family and the same goes for our organizational team.


Collaboration is best executed when communication is at the forefront of all things. Being clear about all of our operations amongst our team and to the community leads to trust, efficient decision-making, and productive processes. Working alongside our collaborative partners and communities is how we serve best.


We want to always remain in a posture to learning so that our programs advocate for the specific needs voiced by the communities we serve. Providing a steadfast stream of customized support services is why we are here and speaking for the underserved is at our core.


The heart behind everything that we do is rooted in compassion without condition. We choose to lean in with an empathetic perspective, approaching our work with wholeheartedness at the basis of our culture, both inside and outside of the office.


Worthiness is felt most deeply when one is given a sense of ownership. We want to lift up our communities through empowerment and encouragement, inspiring them to see a hope-filled future when determined and committed to the steps it takes to get there. Along with this, we value a team that holds each other accountable, staying mission-focused in all we do.


We believe in holding ourselves to a high standard in all settings and in all that we do, maintaining integrity within our team and programs. Choosing courage over comfort as our foundation, to stay in the practice of humility, demonstrate respect, and prioritize honest and autonomy every time for everyone.


Our ultimate desire is to break the cycle of living in scarcity and contentment, so as to positively impact generations to come.


Core Values

Our Vision

Our vision at The Tree House Foundation is to empower individuals and families to overcome their unique challenges and thrive. We believe that access to support services is key to building stronger communities. Through our programs and initiatives, we are working to create a brighter future for those in need.

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